Career mentorship

Individual sessions with your own mentor
Guidance on on your portfolio, and job hunting
Ongoing career mentorship, helping you navigate your career and grow as a designer
To-do list at the end of each session
Free introduction call

In an oversaturated design market with AI taking over, you’re more anxious about the future than ever. Let's do something about it!

You without a mentor

Information overload makes it hard to find reliable resources

You're not getting anything out generic support of the free coaching sessions

Don’t know where to start and what to prioritize

You lack ongoing feedback on challenges you face in your workplace and with your team

You with a mentor

1-on-1 mentorship provides valuable feedback from design veterans

Your mentor will assist in defining your career goals, providing greater clarity about your future

You mentor helps you established priorities and what to work on next

Detailed feedback on how to navigate company politics and tricky team dynamics

What we need from you?

Engage with mentors, ask questions, and prepare for each call
Act upon the feedback you receive
Reflect on your progress and candidly discuss it with your mentor, addressing what worked well and what didn't.
Strengthen what worked, and rethink what it didn't
Remote only
Be based anywhere on the planet earth

We're not trained to reinvent ourselves over and over again!

Mentorship - pay as you go


1 session with mentor

Feedback on your portfolio, and job hunting

Assist you in overcoming your most adverse workplace challenges

Career transition: find your next calling

Written summary of the session and to-do’s
to work on

Mentorship - 3 call package

200€ 240€ 15% discount

+ Everything in pay as you go

3 sessions with mentor

Ongoing career mentorship

Direct channel with mentor

Written summary of the session and to-do’s for upcoming ones

Help you define personal growth aligned with
your career goals

All UX Gym programs can be covered by educational budget of your company

How does the mentorship look like?

Portfolio mentorship

To join, you must either have an existing portfolio or have worked on a minimum of 2 projects

1 hour session with mentor

In the session, we'll talk about your portfolio goals and provide feedback on it

Define your goals and to-do list

We'll send you a summary of our conversation along with a list of the initiatives we discussed

Career mentorship

You have a job or worked as a UX/product designer

1 hour individual session with mentor

We'll analyze and discuss your current role along with the challenges you're facing to help you grow in your career

Detailed to-do list for you to finish

We'll send you a summary of our conversation along with a list of the initiatives we discussed

Book next sessions as you go

Once you’re done with your tasks, we are gonna book the next session

Meet your sparring partners

Behrad Mirafshar

Behrad Mirafshar is the founder and CEO of Bonanza Design GmbH, a growth consultancy specialized in helping SaaS and Fintech startup. With over 15 years of experience in UX design and research, he has helped clients such as Zalando, wefox, Grover, and HomeServe to accelerate their product discovery and development processes using lean and agile methods.

Behrad Mirafshar

Career mentor

Piotr Tomaszewski

I'm a Design Coach & Mentor based in Berlin. My journey started as a Product Designer, and over the last 7 years, I've collaborated with startups and tech firms, gaining expertise in team leadership, hiring, and fostering professional growth.

Piotr Tomaszewski

Career mentor

Jarek Kwolek

Hi there 👋 I work with Bonanza for since 2022, and I've been involved in the creation of UX Gym from beginning. I'm experienced in client management, design systems and product market fit. Besides work, I am coffee nerd and gym enthusiast.

Jarek Kwolek

UX Gym trainer

Lorant Trellay

Hi! I’m Lorant a digital product designer at Bonanza Studios. I've been helping companies transform their business concepts into innovative digital solutions using Bonanza Studios Lean UX process.

Lorant Trellay

UX Gym trainer

Chihiro Yoshikawa

I have been working as a digital product designer at Bonanza Studio since 2021. I began my career with an airline company before shifting to the design industry. My experience includes client work with a wide range of companies, from startups to large corporations.

Chihiro Yoshikawa

UX Gym trainer

Carlos Parga

Hey! I’m your go-to trainer for all things UX and product design. With a strong freelance background, I made the leap to full-time UX design around five years ago. Off duty, my passions include climbing, traveling, and occasionally diving in to books.

Carlos Parga

UX Gym trainer

Continuous mentorship facilitates your growth by providing consistent exposure to design leaders, saving you years of soul-searching and preventing soul-draining career choices.

Behrad Mirafshar | CEO and Serial Enterpreneur