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Only 5 out of 100 UX applicants make it to the first job interview.
Why? Their portfolios!

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You have faced many rejections and invested days in applying?
UX Courses are so much about theory or too expensive?
Your portfolio looks generic, and you don't know how to put together a great case study?
You need expert feedback on your portfolio?
You have never worked in an agile, fast-paced environment?

Graduates' works

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“My journey with UX Gym has been incredibly valuable. The course provided me with feedback that was both clear and constructive, increasing my overall skill level by application.”

: Sabrina’s redesign
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"I'd recommend this concise training course to individuals without a design background who are intrigued by the UX design field. ... Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the course."

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“Thank you for all the support and guidance along the way, It's been such an educating journey.  ... I'm very happy that I had the opportunity to attend this training, and I've learned a lot.”

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Why you'll love UX Gym Training

Weekly 1-1 feedback and Q&A sessions via Disocrd
7 video lessons explaining each step of the training
Create 4 high quality case studies in 12 weeks
Master Figma and work with design systems
Learn how to integrate generative AI in your design process
Free resources library to master the theory of UX design
Train in agile, fast-paced and agile environment
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A typical UX course is about 8000€

UX Gym Training is only 649€

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Let’s compare

Unlike other courses, UX Gym helps you enhance your skills, train your hands and eyes, and build a strong portfolio while closely working with a UX sparring designer during the training.
In office
Flexible timeline
Internship possibility
Spiced Academy
Iron hack
UX Gym
12 week
9 week
12 week

※ We offer you free online resources so that you can learn theory on your own.

Wait, it's not over! After 12 weeks, we help you land a job

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Best students will have a chance to intern at Bonanza Studios
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We will recommend you to our hiring partners
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