2024 UX Career report

Conducted 20 interviews with designers globally.
Received responses from 86 survey participants

Interviews scope

Conducted 20 interviews with designers worldwide to explore their challenges in 2023 and gather insights on their expectations for 2024.

Interview agenda

In-depth exploration of the biggest work-related challenges faced by UX Designers
Reflections on the impact of 2023 on the design industry and personal sentiments
Predicting the UX industry's for 2024



Junior designers


Senior designers

I'm unsure about which skill sets to highlight to attract employers and how to effectively present them

Interviewee | Beginner designer

Overall insight

50% of the interviewed designers are uncertain about their future

Designers were confused about their career and unsure about the options available to them

What different seniority levels think?

Junior Designers 🐥

Experience confusion and no guidance

Lack of guidance and quality answers leaves them unaware of their mistakes
There's confusion about skill improvement, progression, and career path

Transitioned from different industries

Also, they no longer mention the portfolio as the issue, though it was identified as the main problem in the 2023 study

Lack of understanding in recruitment processes

Don't know why their job applications are rejected.
Doesn't see value in paid courses as they primarily offer theoretical knowledge

Senior Designers 🐓

Have problems with communication and time management

Struggle with communication within internal teams, other departments, and stakeholders
Have too many meetings, not enough time for design

Experience low UX maturity within companies

Also, senior designers believe that soft skills are crucial for becoming a senior designer

Are uncertain about potential career paths

Think that key to progressions is learning and emphasizing skills in the AI market

The key to becoming a great lead designer is to understand your co-workers - what they want and what their struggles are. Sometimes, read between the lines

Interviewee | Lead Product Designer

Survey scope

We conducted a design survey, asking about:
- How 2023 was in terms of the job market and your experience
- Predictions for 2024 regarding the UX industry
- On a scale from 1 to 5, how concerned you are about AI impacting your career
- Career advice for other designers

In total, 86 designers participated, with 5 not providing data regarding role or employment status


Role and experience
Employment status
How did you find the year 2023 in terms of your work and the job market?
In terms of skill, what is your number one priority to work on and improve?
If you had to offer career advice to other UX folks for the year 2024, what would it be?
On a scale from 1 (not concerned) to 5 (extremely concerned), how concerned are you about the impact of AI on your career?


Based on experience



Less than 1 year of eperience


Junior Designers

1-2 years of experience


Mid Designers

3-4 years of experience


Senior Designers

5+ years of experience

Based on employment status







How did you find the year 2023 in terms of your work and the job market?

"Very hard - the market has changed so fast. Different kinds of projects, different approaches. I am adapting my skill set to take advantage of the challenge"

Survey Participant | 5+ years of experience

Overall insight

Networking and being present on social media are crucial for designers to build their careers

Survey insights

Based on years of experience 🕰️

How concerned are you about the impact of AI on your career?
1 (not concerned) to 5 (extremely concerned)

Interesting facts

The market is tough for everyone, especially for young designers with less than 3 years of experience

Career advice from senior designers:
- Keep learning and stay updated on trends
- Broaden your focus in UX - understanding all aspects of the industry is crucial
- Utilize AI strategically
- Engage in networking and online presence
- Focus on the purpose when learning tools and methodologies

Based on employment status 💼

How concerned are you about the impact of AI on your career?
1 (not concerned) to 5 (extremely concerned)

Interesting facts

All designers express concern about the industry, with job hunting being challenging, though freelancers report less negative experiences in 2023

Employed designers perceived UX as rushed and lacking proper consideration in 2023

If you had to offer career advice to other UX folks for the year 2024, what would it be?

Take it easy and bring all these wonderful human qualities you have to your work. Make yourself visible as a human, and keep in mind that you design for humans using technology, not the other way around. Make your humanity your strength

Interviewee | Freelancer, 5+ years experience

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